Don't let an outfit keep you from your workout.

Don't let an outfit keep you from your workout.

Many of us have walked into one of those studios where everyone seems to have on the same outfit. From instructor to clients, everyone is wearing the same bra top and leggings making you feel like you didn’t get the memo. You start to feel as though you have to purchase the same $150 uniform in order to just walk in the door.


As a person who has a passion for fashion (I mean, I turned my second room into a Real Housewives style walk-in closet), I love a good outfit whether it’s for date night or for working out. When I taught in the city, it was a requirement we wore fitted clothing. While most threw on the NYC typical black & gray, I made it a mission to keep my outfits fun with bright colors and patterns. I’m the Grace Jones of fitness for a reason.


Many studios in the city require fitted clothing for women and/or they require their instructors to wear branded attire. For women, the branded attire is usually sports bras, crop tops & leggings. It’s almost as if it’s impossible to teach in anything else.


This unwritten, but sometimes clearly written, uniform creates an image of what and who they expect at the front of the room, leading their community, and setting the example. But this example can leave people feeling as though they either have to fit a certain body type or throw on the fancy uniform to workout in their spaces.


At The Fit In, as much as it doesn’t matter what the instructors wear to teach a great class, it doesn’t matter what you wear in order to get a great workout. On any given day, I may be in a sickening workout fit or I may be a baseball cap, hoodie & sweats. That doesn’t impact my ability to teach pelvic alignment, challenge you to drop lower at the barre, or demo how to properly clean your kettlebell. So you wearing what YOU feel comfortable in doesn’t impact you getting in your movement.


Yes, certain fabrics are more sweat-wicking than others. But if all you have is that cotton tee you received at your company outing, throw that on and come through. Yes, certain sneakers provide better stability. But if all you have are running sneakers you purchased 2 years ago, lace them up. How you look and what you wear shouldn’t dictate whether you focus on your wellness or not. And we’ve created a supportive space to assure you of that.

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