Our Mission

The Fit In was created to serve a need. A need for quality health and wellness for all.
The Fit In’s fitness studios set up in fitness deserts to provide quality fitness to underserved areas.

The Fit In’s Shop continues this mission by providing access to health and fitness related products to those long underserved by the industry. The Shop provides our diverse community with awareness and access to brands that truly believe in health for all.

The brands we carry are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) owned brands as well as brands from allies of our community who truly believe in doing the work in supporting our health. While there is currently a limited number of BIPOC-owned health related brands (and we look forward to being part of the growth), we evaluate and hold our allies accountable by steadily reviewing:

  • What is the breakdown of their BIPOC employees?
  • What is the breakdown of their BIPOC executives?
  • What actions have they taken to create a safe space for BIPOC staff and/or clients?
  • What actions have they taken to reach and support BIPOC communities?
  • How have they dealt with issues of race within their company?
  • What efforts have they made in ensuring diversity amongst their staff and clients?

With higher rates of health issues, lack of healthcare, and death among our communities it’s important to enlist more support and attention to our health.

We are currently focused on food and fitness products but will look to expand in the future. Are you a brand or know of a brand who is willing to make this commitment and would like to be carried in our Shop? Complete the form below.