Selecting the Best Pilates Class: A Guide to Mat, Reformer, Tower, and Chair Workouts

Selecting the Best Pilates Class: A Guide to Mat, Reformer, Tower, and Chair Workouts

Pilates, a versatile exercise regime, offers various classes tailored to different fitness needs and goals. Understanding the distinctions and benefits of Pilates Mat, Reformer, Tower, and Chair classes can help you choose the right option for your fitness journey. This article delves into each type, highlighting their unique advantages.

Pilates Mat Classes

Ideal for: Intermediate to advanced students, those seeking to enhance core strength

Contrary to common perceptions, Pilates Mat classes are often more suitable for those with an existing foundation of core strength and muscular control. These classes focus on floor exercises, using body weight as resistance. 


  • Core Strength: Targets deep abdominal and back muscles, crucial for stability and posture.
  • Flexibility and Balance: Promotes flexibility, improving overall balance and coordination.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Encourages mindfulness and concentration through controlled movements.


Pilates Reformer Classes

Ideal for: Beginners through advanced, those requiring supportive movements

The Reformer machine, equipped with springs and a sliding carriage, assists in movement, making it ideal for beginners while offering challenging options for more advanced clients. That makes it important to find a beginner class, like our Pilates Reformed: Fundamentals, if just starting out.


  • Supportive Exercise: Assists in alignment and movement, ideal for beginners.
  • Adjustable Intensity: Resistance can be modified to cater to different skill levels.
  • Full-Body Workout: Engages several muscle groups for a comprehensive workout.


Pilates Tower Classes

Ideal for: All levels, those looking for a blend of Mat and Reformer workouts

Pilates Tower classes combine elements of both Mat and Reformer. The Tower apparatus includes springs, bars, and straps, providing a variety of exercise options allowing to support the body when needed, but challenge the body when it’s ready.


  • Versatility: Offers a wide range of exercises, appealing to beginners and advanced students alike.
  • Strength and Flexibility: Enhances overall strength, particularly in the core, and improves flexibility.
  • Dynamic Movements: Allows for dynamic and fluid movements, enhancing physical conditioning.


Pilates Chair Classes

Ideal for: Those seeking an intense, focused workout, including athletes

Pilates Chair, a compact piece of equipment with a pedal, is designed for intense and targeted workouts. It is particularly effective for strengthening the lower body and core. 


  • Targeted Strength Training: Excellent for building leg and glute strength.
  • Challenging: Offers a more intense workout, suitable for athletic conditioning.
  • Enhanced Balance: Improves balance and coordination, demanding muscle control.

The Fit In's Unique Approach: Pilates Reformed

At The Fit In, our Pilates Reformed classes take a unique and holistic approach by incorporating a mix of various Pilates equipment, including the Mat, Tower, and Chair, in addition to the Reformer. This innovative blend offers a comprehensive Pilates experience, catering to a full spectrum of fitness needs within a single session. By integrating multiple apparatuses, these classes provide the benefits of each method: the core strengthening and flexibility of Mat exercises, the dynamic and supportive movements of the Reformer, the versatility of the Tower, and the intensity of the Chair workouts. This multifaceted approach not only ensures a balanced and thorough full-body workout but also keeps the sessions diverse and engaging. For students at The Fit In, this means experiencing the full range of Pilates benefits - improved strength, flexibility, balance, and mind-body connection - in a cohesive and efficiently structured class. Such an all-encompassing approach is especially beneficial for those seeking a varied yet holistic Pilates practice, making The Fit In's Pilates Reformed classes an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

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