When to take a private pilates session vs. a pilates class

When to take a private pilates session vs. a pilates class

When Joseph Pilates created Contrology (what we now call pilates), he wanted to create something that would be broadly accessible due to its health benefits. This is something The Fit In has in our mission as well of making wellness more accessible. But what Pilates understood, and what we understand is that many people come into pilates at different stages of their wellness journey and for different reasons. Because of that, it’s important to understand when a private pilates session may be the way to go.


What Is Pilates good for?


Let’s start with this main question many have about Pilates in general. Pilates is a movement typically suggested by doctors after any muscular or structural injury because it helps safely build back normal function of the body. It’s great for rehabilitation but it’s also great for prevention. A regular pilates practice can help keep your body moving as normal against the daily wear-and-tear we experience. It’s also a great mind-body modality that allows you to focus on you and your connection to your body and breathe. So now let’s review when a private session may be the better way to go.


Recent Injury: Private Pilates


Many times, when a doctor clears people for movement after an injury, they say to do something “light like pilates.” Well as some of us know, pilates isn’t always light. In this case, a private session will be your best bet as you work through an acute or recent injury. This way you can spend a good amount of the session working to rehabilitate. You can also avoid the area and focus on other moments to get in a good strengthening session. In a class, it will be more challenge to avoid or focus on the injury because there are others in the class at varying levels.


Older Injury: Pilates Class


You’ll be fine in a class usually if you have an old injury that doesn’t cause you serious pain. Great instructors like the ones at The Fit In are trained to be able to modify for different injuries. Back shoulder and knee are some of the most common injuries a good pilates instructor knows how to modify for. Of course, if that injury flares up to cause acute pain, then you’ll want to check with your doctor about returning to working out, and start up again with a private session.


Beginner: Either


Pilates, especially on the apparatus, can be very intimidating. Depending on your freak out level, you may want to start with a private so you can get a moving tour of the equipment. But a class is a more affordable introduction. Good pilates instructors will do well at managing all levels in the room.  


Private pilates sessions are awesome for anyone but they usually come with a high price tag. While at The Fit In, each of our instructors offer their own rates, they are still some of the most affordable near and around NYC because each instructor understands the need for accessibility. Our semi-private class experience makes for a great option for those who are ready for some group camaraderie with great instruction, at a price that doesn’t break the wallet.  


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